A Closer Look at the Trends in Optimising Network Performance

A Closer Look at the Trends in Optimising Network Performance

When we run and operate a business, we expect everything to work smoothly. We expect our business processes to be fast, and this involves making sure that our networks are running to the best of their ability. But because of many advancements in recent years, we constantly add new technologies and new applications to our networks, resulting in a less-than-satisfactory network performance.


If you are looking to improve the performance of your network, you may be looking towards enhancing its bandwidth and opting for solutions such as WAN optimisation and other key strategies. But, like with everything related to technology, there are emerging trends in network optimisation that it would do you well to know about.




When you know what to expect with network optimisation, there is a more likely chance that all your goals and objectives will be met.


Network optimisation: Where is it, and where is it going?


The first factor that comes to people’s minds when network optimisation is mentioned is speed. And this is hardly surprising, considering that this is what we all want. And when we speak about speed, we are usually referring to bandwidth.


Many enterprises have already switched to greater bandwidth and are experiencing its many inherent benefits – but bandwidth only comprises one part of performance enhancement, especially when it comes to new applications and other developments. Today, there are more and more software and virtual-defined infrastructures, and there is the emergence of cloud technology as well. All of these advancements can be utilised in order for you to have better network performance.

Of course, we can now make use of WAN optimisation and app acceleration tools – seen as “non-traditional” in the sense that they have only recently been made more use of, perhaps because they can now be used in conjunction with cloud platforms. There is also an increasing demand for performance enhancement on the CPU level. All in all, emerging trends and technologies have actually made it more possible for you to enhance your network’s performance with the use of a broader array of tools and strategies.


Why you need to optimise your network performance


The main reason why you need to optimise your network performance is because of demand. Technology is changing – more individuals are using smartphones (that serve as a network as well), and there are numerous cloud-based applications that are shared amongst a huge number of users. Infrastructures are increasingly becoming more dynamic and virtualised, and if your company does not follow in these advancements, your competitors will.


What can you do?


What you can do is partner with a provider that can give you exactly what you need for network performance optimisation. You need a partner that can consolidate your data centres and design various strategies and processes which will allow you to have the right bandwidth, the right protocol acceleration, the right caching and compression, the right server load balancing, and more. Modernising your network entails the expertise of a committed team that knows what to do and how to do it in the proper way.



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