Designing the perfect e-commerce store – Few tips and advices from experts

Designing the perfect e-commerce store – Few tips and advices from experts

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  • On : Oct 23, 2017

With the constant changes in the world, the way people do business is also changing. There’s increased competition and due to this the e-commerce industry is gradually getting harsher. Business owners and entrepreneurs require searching for ways in which they can handle their profitability and retain credibility. It is extremely important to establish your company in the family of e-commerce in case you wish to feel competitive. The e-commerce industry is indeed a trillion dollar market which is constantly burgeoning. There are 12-24 million online stores and the numbers are growing.

If you too have a business, you must be thinking of improving its status so that you can increase the conversion rates. 95% of people believe in the fact that the online stores which are well designed are the ones which have higher rates of conversion and sales. Let’s check out few tips to create an online store that’s successful.

#1: Web design should be good enough

We all are aware of this simple thing that web design is not just visual presentation but it also includes the information which you offer. In order to create an online store that’s profitable, you will either take upon yourself or try to learn coding or you would seek help of Shopify themes along with its e-commerce system which is touted to be the best platform. Don’t forget that a good e-commerce site is characterized by full-width images, modern layout and minimum text.

#2: Clear value proposition

Experts suggest that your value proposition is perhaps the first thing which determines whether or not the customers will read about the product or hit on the ‘back’ button. If you don’t know what a strong value proposition is, it is an argument as to why people should buy from you. This point is extremely necessary for e-commerce. You have to always tell them why they should buy from you when they can buy the same thing from Amazon.

#3: Product descriptions should be misguiding

We all are aware of the fact that the product descriptions can be indeed vital but there are times when the store owners of e-commerce sites either remove them or include them as per their wish. Whatever may be the product, you should always give the best descriptions so that the customers get the exact feel when they receive the product in their hands. They should never feel that the product is nothing of what they read about. This can cancel future sales.

#4: Utilize good quality images properly

In case you sell things which are entirely dependent on their looks, you should understand the incredible importance of images. Nowadays web designing is all about using large images but in a proper manner. Make sure you get to use the best quality images in such a manner that the customers get a clear idea about the exact way the product looks.

So, if you’re someone who has been wondering about the best ways in which you can design an e-commerce store, follow the expert tips and advices given above.

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