How to Attract More Local Customers to your Reading Business

How to Attract More Local Customers to your Reading Business

When you have a local shop, business or service, local customers become your lifeblood. Reading businesses need to attract local Reading and Berkshire custom in order to survive and thrive. Contemporary web design practice increasingly allows for local marketing, and it is easier – when you know how – to attract local customers to your Reading business. Check out these quick tips for driving local traffic to your website.

Go Completely Local on Your Website

Make sure that you include plenty of references on your website to Reading, Berkshire, the street name, even the postcode. Link your company name to the city name, and keep things consistent so that you always use the same name correctly.

Get Noticed by Google Maps

Seeing as many people now access the internet on smartphones and tablets, you need to optimise your presence so that your business appears when people are searching from their current location. Listings on Google Places and index sites help place your site geographically.

Fill Out Your Online Directory Profile

Many profiles on sites like Yelp and Yellow Pages are free and they usually get a lot of traffic and can help drive local Reading traffic your way. Check your profiles regularly so that you know the information is complete and accurate.

Get Local Links

Inbound links from other sites help to increase your local presence. You can set up links including your website details at various local Berkshire sites like a Chamber of Commerce site, local small business forums, and local blogs. Including the name of your business and the name of your city or town in the profile or write-up helps to drive local traffic. Exchanging links is a good way to boost your profile.

Find Reviews

Getting reviews for your service or shop helps to improve rankings when it comes to your Google Place site. Of course, the reviews should be positive, so make sure you are actually offering a good quality service – the old-fashioned approach to providing something useful and relevant still counts even when you are looking at all the ways your website can help to increase your customers and your profits.

Do You Use Customer Check-ins?

Many businesses offer specials or deals to customers who check in on their mobiles to their social media sites, particularly on Facebook. There are a variety of ways you can use the check in approach to get people to link to your site and promote your business for you – you could offer a discount on a meal, or a promotion for a certain number of visits. You can also encourage people to leave reviews and information for other users.

The services in website design Reading offers can help you to achieve these aims. If you are unsure whether your website has a truly local presence, ask for a professional opinion to help develop or redevelop your site along these lines.


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