Importance Of Government Certified Ehr Can Create A Great Impact On The Medical Industry

Importance Of Government Certified Ehr Can Create A Great Impact On The Medical Industry

imagesThere are several companies that can provide you with the electronic health record software. However, prior to implementation, you should check that it is a government certified ehr. This is crucial because it will ensure that you are complying with the government medical standards for safety and quality.  The certification will ensure that the product has been tested and is approved by the government. As a result, it will meet certain functionality that will benefit you, as a whole. It will also indicate that the software will meet the government criteria for using in the medical system.

Obtaining The Certification:

There are some procedures that the software companies have to go through in order to ensure that the government certified ehr can promote better communication and produce quality care services. These standards have been defined by the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology. Thus, they have to

  • Submit detailed reports to the Medicare and Medicaid services,
  • The performance of the healthcare providers will be assessed,
  • Information on the health records of the patients should be compiled,
  • The software should help in sharing the information between different healthcare providers,
  • It should enable electronic transcription of prescription by maintaining privacy and security of information.

Working In Accordance With Specifications:

The main aim of testing and certification is to ensure that the software works in accordance with the specifications of ONC. This is the reason for which it is important for the healthcare provider to evaluate the solution in terms of technical specifications. They should purchase a system that best meets their needs along with adhering to the meaningful instructions of the government. There can be many systems that can meet the specific requirements of a doctor like support for clinical decision. Well, along with meeting the requirements it should be compatible for the current workflow.

Long Term Benefits:

There are several reasons for which healthcare providers are always advised to go for government certified ehr. It is true that the importance of certification is creating some form of unrest in the healthcare institution because of the concept, but in the long run it can bring plenty of benefits. By purchasing a certified product,

  • The buyers can be assured that the results are guaranteed,
  • The buyers will not have to face the hassle of frequent debugging,
  • The certified system will be compatible with the other systems for including security features
  • Electronic exchange of clinical information without any threat will be possible,
  • Certification can also help in additional innovation because the vendors will be able to update with plenty of new features.

There are many professionals that confuse certification with meaningful use as stated by the government authority. However, there is a difference between the two concepts. While certification is meant to measure the functionality of the software, meaningful use can mean measuring the implementation of the software by the provider. The certified software should have the capability to keep an active list of medication, which is not required in case of meaningful use.

Author Bio: Bob Denwar is an experienced player in government certified her programs, which always prevented him from unnecessary and frequent debugging. He is now used to this technique well.

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