LabelCity – A trusted supplier of Dymo labels and Label Printers

LabelCity – A trusted supplier of Dymo labels and Label Printers

imagesPrinters are required to perform various kinds of functions in business. In order to carry out the business in an effortless manner, large segment of printers are required. You should want to procure high quality printing labels so that you will attach them on various goods and items for easy identification, dispatch and delivery. The sales process is enhanced by affixing durable and high quality labels. If you are looking for labels you should want to visit the site as it is the most trusted supplier of renowned brands in the market including Dymo Labels, Seiko Labels, Label Printers and CoStar Labels.

High quality labels from Label City

Label City supplies high quality labels to cater the needs of various kinds of customers. With a service history of 18 years and serving large clients, it is possible to get the best from the service provider. The company has millions of labels at its disposal so that any size of organization’s needs can be met instantly. When you go for printing labels, you should procure from the most reliable service provider. If the order is placed before 4 pm, it will be dispatched on the same day.


Label City specializes in certain products which include Dymo LabelWriter, Rhino/Dymo RhinoPro, DiscPainter, Letra Tag and Seiko SLP Labels. If you are looking for a compact and lightening quick label printer, you should want to go for Dymo LabelWriter. The label writer has compatibility with PC as well as Mac OS. By using Dymo LabelWriter, you can print customer-friendly high resolution labels which can be affixed on envelopes, files, folders, name badges and packages. Print order can be given through various kinds of applications including MS-Word, WordPerfect, QuickBooks and Outlook. No ink or toner is used by the label writer so that you will save a lot of money. You will be able to print professional quality labels by using the label writer. The product comes with two year warranty. There are vast numbers of support resources as well.

Rhino label printer

With the entry of the Rhino label printer into the market, the label printing has been revolutionized. Industrial labeling has been accomplished in an effortless manner. You can go for affordable and portable printers which work on one-touch hotkeys. As the labels are made with high quality materials, they will stick to the material on a permanent basis. These kinds of professional labels can be used to affix on electrical cables, wires, circuit panels, nameplates, security panels and for shelving purpose as well.

Disc painter

In order to print labels on compact discs, you should want to go to Disc painter offered by Label City. You can print color graphics as well on discs by using the disc printers. You can print up to 1200 dpi on inkjet printable surface. The printing will be accomplished while the disc rotates on a continuous basis. With only one consumable cartridge, the disk painter has a very small footprint to accomplish various kinds of prints.

Letra Tag

Labeling will be quite breeze with the Letra Tag labeling machine. The letters and numbers can be printed very easily. It is possible to select a font of your choice. The LCD display is 2 times larger than other kinds of printers available in the market. Font and styles can be obtained in WYSIWYG manner. The printer is most ideal to accomplish all kinds of printing jobs in and around your home.

You can select personal label printers or desktop label printers as per your needs by visiting the large collection placed on Label City.

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