Marketing changes 2014 is expected to bring the online business world

Marketing changes 2014 is expected to bring the online business world

2014 is bringing bold marketing changes to the business world, including changes to search engine optimisation (SEO). Some of these changes have roots that extend back two to three years, to a time when online shopping, conducting mobile searches and developing online content were either just getting off the ground or managed differently.

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According to Business News Daily, using multiple channels to connect with and sale to potential customers is going to be increasingly important in 2014. More specifically, “As customer shopping behaviors become more fragmented, so must the presence of small online businesses owners. Simply having an e-commerce site is no longer enough. Small and medium-size businesses (SMBs) should begin looking for efficient ways to expand their presence, including integrations with various shopping feeds and other outlets that can reach more consumers.”


Multi-channel marketing is necessary even if small to midsize businesses already use effective SEO content strategies. Furthermore, by making SEO and other marketing content (i.e. brochures, catalogs, videos, images, slogans) available on numerous channels, business owners have a better chance of reaching larger numbers of local consumers who are interested in the products or services they sell.


These additional marketing channels also increase the chances that people who use mobile devices like laptops, smartphones and tablets to conduct online searches and pay for products and services will be introduced to the content. This is critical, because studies reveal that the numbers of people gaining access to the Internet using a mobile device is growing significantly.


Business Insider Australia shares that, “Australians have adopted smartphones and tablets into everyday culture faster than consumers in many other developed economies.” Local businesses that not only get this but that also take steps to make each component of their online business available on mobile devices, could avoid another 2014 change.


“As mega-retailers like Amazon continue to steal market share from other big-box retailers (both online and offline), smaller online businesses will need to become more nimble in how they compete, from a price, customer-service and marketing standpoint,” according to Business News Daily. To build or continue to hold a strong place in the local market, small to midsize businesses may have to focus on using SEO, especially in regards to written and visual content, to build brand around a single topic.


For example, instead of relying solely on keyword optimisation, these businesses may have to develop content that distinguishes them as content leaders in certain markets or industries. Creating content that is tailored for members of their local target audienceis another way business owners can use SEO to pull in a larger share of the local buying market. An example of this is to write articles on designing apartments and condos if your business tailors to recent college graduates rather than developing articles on how to decorate a ranch.


Lifestyle oriented content could also help push small to midsize businesses over the top of SEO marketing hurdles. As the year continues to advance, business owners also need to host and/or participate in local events. Businesses that offer regular social and live entertainment events for local residents could build rapport with consumers and become a local fan favorite. If this happens, these local consumers might come to have a vested interested in the businesses, regularly sharing the business’ SEO marketing content with their social media followers.


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