Ready, Set, Go: What to Do After You Charge Your Brand New Android Tablet

Ready, Set, Go: What to Do After You Charge Your Brand New Android Tablet

If you’re a proud owner of a new tablet, you’re probably both excited and a little bit confused. Confused? Yes – confused. A lot of tablet users don’t really understand the full value of their new purchase. They’ve seen other people play with pictures and videos, and even check email, but there’s so much that these things can do that it’ll boggle your mind.

Getting Your Account Set Up

Account setup on most devices is pretty simple. When you first start the device, you’ll be asked for your account information or to start an account. For example, with an Android device, you’re asked for your Google account. With Apple, you’re asked for your Apple account information. You may also be asked to link your credit card or checking account in order to make purchases in the Apple store or Android market.

If you don’t have an account, you’ll be asked to create a new one. Both Apple and Android account setup includes an option to get news about new products and services from the company. If you don’t like getting this type of stuff in your email, now is your chance to opt out. It’s a little bit of a pain to do it later so do it now.

If you want to add other family members, or friends, to the device, now is also the time to do that.

The Apps

The apps. Good lord the apps. There are so many of them on all platforms that you probably won’t be able to get through them all before the device crashes from old age. But, there are a few popular ones out there that should be staples for everyone.

For example, the Netflix app is one of the best apps in the app store. Pretty much everyone has a Netflix account these days – Netflix traffic accounts for about a third of the Internet traffic. If you don’t have this service, you won’t need the app. But, if you’re like most people, you do have it and this is the app you need – it’s a lifesaver on trips.

The Kindle app in another good one. Sure, you can always read books on the Google Books app, but Amazon has the biggest library of books in the world, and you can only access it through the Amazon Kindle app.

Get the Vuze Android app. It puts the power of torrenting in the palm of your hand. You can connect directly with other users, search for, download, and share files, and even set up customized rules to sort downloaded files to your tablet, phone, or laptop. Just remember to respect IP.

With the HBO Go app, you won’t fear the fact that winter is coming. If you watch HBO regularly, you know exactly what that means and you need no real convincing to download this app.

The app is, by far, the best weather app in any app store. It’s beautiful, has a ton of interactive features, and even gives you a pollen (allergy) index.

Instagram is great for sharing photos, but it goes beyond just simple sharing. Snap a picture, and then apply a neat filter. It’s addicting.

Adjusting Settings

Most tablets have a security option to lock the home screen. Always lock the home screen. Tablets these days are the perfect target. They’re relatively small and powerful – exactly what a thief is looking for.

Turn off screen rotation if you don’t want the screen always flipping around every time you move it. Also, make sure you set up printing options. While many tablets don’t allow you to print directly from the device, Google does allow this via the cloud. Finally, if you’re older, or you’re just having a harder time reading a tablet screen font size, adjust the text so that the default font is larger. Go to the settings on the device and select “display” and “font size.”

Protecting Your Tablet

Beyond basic applications, there’s an additional security measure you should employ for theft protection: insurance. Many homeowner’s insurance companies will sell you an additional rider for electronics or specifically for brand mobile devices.

Insurers have wised up to the fact that tablets are wickedly expensive, and a completely different kind of asset, even though the hardware itself depreciates over time. Talk to your agent about getting additional insurance coverage for the device. Usually, the company will roll it into your existing policy, charge a small flat-extra premium, and call it a day. It’s not that much to insure your tablet, and you’ll be protected from theft, fire, and a lot of other nasty accidents.

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