Smart Hanging – How to Display Your Pictures

Smart Hanging – How to Display Your Pictures

It’s not obligatory to stick to one focal point, dead centre in a wall – there are many cool, modern ways to display your pictures, whether they are family photos, great masterpieces or your own artwork. Keep your gallery up to date with some novel hanging ideas.

Framing with Frames

Don’t feel obliged to follow traditional framing rules. A frame can be an object of focus in itself rather than just a carrier for its contents. Eschew the traditional mounted background in favour of a glass surround and slim brass frame to make your picture look as if it is floating within the surround. Hang from above on visible attractive chains or coloured strings. You can go a step further too – take the gallery wall concept and go for multiple pictures in this style, hung to draw attention to an object, piece of furniture or door frame.
Washi Tape

Use coloured washi tape to create a casual display of postcards or photos. Use a couple of different colours of tape, affix diagonally at the corners for an effortless air and change your display regularly to keep it fresh.

Gallery Walls

Gallery walls aren’t a new idea, but always look good. The idea is to mix up your pictures and hang them all together on the same wall, mismatching shapes, styles and frames. There are few rules here – you can go for matching frames or you can go eclectic. Strangely, the look can become more coherent if you have a good mixture of shapes and frames, but try to keep them complementary in tone — for example, make them all clean-lined and minimalist or traditional and ornate. Add a few clean-lined wooden-framed or frameless examples into the mix for relief. Jackson’s Art Supplies can supply a wide range of frames and give hanging advice.

If you have one stand-out picture, don’t feel obliged to place it in the obvious central spot and build the rest of the wall around it. Instead, try placing it at the top or bottom, off centre, for a more relaxed arrangement. Don’t feel you have to hang symmetrically as this can look too formal. You’re looking for individuality and uniqueness to express your personality.

Think also about location, location, location. A picture wall looks great in more unusual spots, such as a bathroom or kitchen.

Sheer Magnetism

Blackboard walls already have a place in busy family homes but don’t have to be pragmatically filled with to-do lists. Go for magnetic blackboard paint and intersperse your shopping lists and diary notes with your doodles, snapshots, postcards and other ephemera that appeals to your eye. Art supplies shops should be able to supply paint and materials for making your magnetic blackboard wall look interesting.

Go Hollywood

Hang a series of black and white prints or photos horizontally in a row along a piece of string. Use metal clips or wooden clothes pegs to fix the pictures to the string.


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