Super Bowl Ad Trailers on YouTube – Why?

Super Bowl Ad Trailers on YouTube – Why?

The Super Bowl is the biggest sports game of the year. While it is will pit two formidable teams against each other with the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos it’s often the Super Bowl ads that occupy center stage.

The Super Bowl ads, and especially those that air during half time, are arguably the most watched of any commercials during the year. In fact the Super Bowl ad trailers have spawned a YouTube channel specifically devoted to the advertising agency giants that create ad previews for fans to watch.

Why the hype you might ask? After all it’s just a game may be the pedestrian non-Super Bowl devotee response.  But it’s not just that. It is big business and many companies have re-energized their brands like Volkswagen, Coca-Cola and Motorola (even Apple back in 1984) because of a commercial appearance on Super Bowl Sunday.

Movies are showcased as well, so the excitement is building not just on the gridiron but also over the exciting film trailers that will air during the game. Promising potential block buster movies like Transformers 4, Amazing Spider-Man 2, Captain America 2’ and Guardians of the Galaxy will make an appearance then and on YouTube.

YouTube and Super Bowl
The hope is that a YouTube ad trailer will go viral in less than a day and reach tens of millions of viewers.  Advertising agencies understand the role that YouTube plays and that is why every commercial that will be aired during the Super Bowl will make an appearance on the YouTube Super Bowl ad channel called Ad Blitz.

Just consider the fact that since the You Tube Super Bowl channel launched on January 17 within a day, a Bud Light 16-second ad with Arnold Schwarzenegger in it was seen by 1.6 million people. Those are big time viewing numbers.

Even more incredible is that the 2013 Super Bowl commercials viewed on YouTube were watched a mind staggering 265 million times. It makes excellent economic sense to have Super Bowl ad trailers on the You Tube’s Super Bowl ad channel.

Hollywood Super Bowl Sell
As with the appearance of Schwarzenegger’s ad trailer, Hollywood celebrities sell big time in Super Bowl ad trailers. Jay Leno, outgoing host of the NBC Tonight Show has made an appearance in a Super Bowl ad trailer and he is not the only named star to do it.  Hollywood A-List stars like Ben Kingsley and Don Cheadle will make their Super Bowl ad face time shots this year.

Speaking of Hollywood, this year’s crop of Hollywood ad trailers being aired during the Super Bowl will be up 25 percent over last year’s Super Bowl movie ad trailers. It’s part of getting the biggest bang for your buck.

Consider first that since around 2008 when Hollywood studios almost exclusively used an advertising agency approach to market their movies during the Super Bowl as ad trailers, 18 of Paramount‘s 20 Super Bowl movie trailers grossed more than $100 million at the box office.  In effect the Super Bowl ad trailers helped make super-sized profits for the movie studio.

Big Business Opportunities
When it comes to the very definition of viral, internet web hosting giant Go Daddy got off the launch pad with its appearance in a 2005 Super Bowl commercial.  Now it along with its longtime spokeswoman Danica Patrick will be making an appearance, this time on the YouTube ad channel.  This will of course create more viewing buzz for the viewership on Super Bowl Sunday (unless it gets banned again).

So when it comes to generating big revenue dollars advertising agencies know full well that YouTube’s Ad Blitz’s Super Bowl channel is the one place ad trailers can create a financial touchdown for their client.

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