Texting Timestamps and More: 10 New iOS 7 Features You Probably Aren’t Using

Texting Timestamps and More: 10 New iOS 7 Features You Probably Aren’t Using

There are so many new features in the new iOS7, it’s ridiculous. Understandably, Apple could not have included all of the information they needed to during their live events. There’s just too much to cover. But, if you dig deep, and start playing around, you’ll find that this upgrade was one of the most extensive yet.

Texting Has Timestamps Now

Ever wanted to know who said what, when, and where? Now you can. Swipe to the left on your text message app. You’ll now see timestamps for all messages. This feature is especially handy if you need to record important messages from a loved one, a business partner, or you want to make an objective reporting to the police or some other authority.

Spotlight Is Fast Now

Spotlight is gone from its old location. You no longer swipe all the way left. No, now you grab and hold the home screen and pull down. There it is. It works the same as it did before, but now it’s more accessible. Apple also seems to have improved the search function within spotlight too. Just start typing the name of the app, or what you’re trying to accomplish, and the phone brings up the correct app.

Change Siri’s Voice To Male

If you’re tired of Siri’s female voice, you can always change it to a male’s voice in iOS7. Go to General -> Siri -> Voice Gender. Select male or female. You can also change the language that Siri speaks.

Use The Compass As A Level

The compass got a complete redesign. Now you can use it to find your current location relatively speaking and you can also use it as a level for your next picture-hanging project. The level needs to be calibrated before you use it, but this process is easy.

Keep in mind that the compass is still mostly for fun. Some users have noted that the accuracy is a bit off – by as much as 8 to 10 degrees on the compass, and 2 degrees on the level. You can verify the accuracy of the device by getting a real compass and level and comparing them to your iPhone.

Monitor Data App Usage

One of the most annoying things in previous iOS versions was the inability to monitor what apps were using up data on your phone. With metered plans, you need to know this information. Now you can. Just go into the settings app and tap “cellular.” Scroll down to “use cellular data for” and from here you can see all of your downloaded apps and how much cellular data they have used. You can also disable data usage for an individual app if it’s sucking up too much data.

Force Close Apps – It’s Fun

Closing apps was always simple unless you had big fingers. Now, it’s actually quite fun. Double click the home screen. You’ll see all the open apps and you can scroll through them. When you want to force-close them, grab one and swipe up. It’s gone. Keep in mind that force-closing apps does take the app out of system memory. Now, many people see this as a good thing, and something every user should do to save on battery power. But, every time you close an app, you have to relaunch it, and that takes up more battery power because the system has to reallocate resources for the app.

Share Files With AirDrop

Video sharing is increasingly becoming popular. Once you’ve used services like YTD from http://youtubedownload.altervista.org/ to download videos, you’ll probably want to share them. With AirDrop, it’s easy. Swipe up from the bottom of your phone. See AirDrop? Select it. It will go and find people near you with an AirDrop-enabled device. Then, you just send it to them. Just make sure you respect IP with all video downloads.

One thing to note about AirDrop is that it isn’t always fast. This is because the feature relies on Apple’s Multipeer Connectivity Framework – a work in progress.

Charge Your Phone Twice As Fast

No one likes a dead battery. But, waiting for the thing to recharge can take quite a long time – until now. Swipe up from the bottom of the phone to access “airplane mode.” Switch on “airplane mode.” Now charge the phone. You’ll notice that it charges twice as fast.

Check Out The New Ringtones and Wallpapers

There are a lot of new ringtones and wallpapers in iOS7 now. If you don’t like the old ones, you’ll probably love the expanded options. You can also still add your old ringtones through iTunes as well as custom wallpaper. That option didn’t disappear, but you might have lost some of your ringtones if you upgraded to a new phone and didn’t sync the phone with iTunes (it might not have stored some of your previous phone data in iCloud).

If you want your old tones back, the good news is that they can still be synced through iTunes.

Control The Phone With Your Head

Now you can control your iPhone with head movements, just like Android users. Go to settings and “accessibility” settings. Access “Switches” and then provide the actions you want for a left and right head movement.

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