Transform Magento Store Visitors Experience by Simplifying Customers’ Login Process

Transform Magento Store Visitors Experience by Simplifying Customers’ Login Process

Here’s a salutary story that all ecommerce store owners can learn from. In the early 1990s a friend of mine, let’s call him Pete, an extraordinarily able computer systems design expert, got fired from his job as a consultant to a business solutions systems company. Why did he get fired? He told the company what they didn’t want to hear: that their new electronic register system that they intended to sell to schools and colleges wouldn’t work.


The system that had been developed, in principle, was sound. It would allow teachers to register the attendance of their students using an electronic system rather than a paper and pen system. The flaw in the system, however, was that the login process that each lecturer had to go through to get into the system was just so longwinded and cumbersome it proved to be a retrograde step from the paper and pen system that was in place.


Pete said quite simply: it won’t be accepted it takes too long to get into it. The company said: it has to be like this for security reasons. Guess what? Pete was right.


And so it is with your ecommerce store. If it’s not easy for your customers to login they are going to go elsewhere, aren’t they? Put yourself into the shoes of your customers and ask yourself what you would do if you your online experience is a poor one and you can get the same or similar products somewhere else and the user experience, your experience, is enhanced? Patience and internet shopping do not go together.


The Magento Ajax Login Extension is the tool designed to make the experience of your customers as pleasant as possible. What your customers want is something that is quick, easy to follow and is safe. And that is what the Magento system provides. The reward for you is that your customers spend as little time as possible logging in. This enhances their experience. The more satisfying their experience; the more likely they are to buy from you, return to you and recommend you to others.


There is a certain irreducible minimum that cannot be eliminated from the shopping experience of the customers who visit your site. At the moment, that minimum is that customers must register or login. What the login extension does is to make this process as painless as possible. Page reloads and redirections are not required and customers can login or register from wherever they find themselves in your store. Thus is eliminated the tedious and often frustrating process of attempting to navigate to the appropriate page for registering or logging in.


The Magento Extension also allows customers to login from their favourite social network sites. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ all that’s needed is one click for your customers to be logging in to your ecommerce store. In a similar way, customers can login via Amazon.


Another Magento extension that’s worth highlighting here is the Magento Event Tickets Extension. If you have an ecommerce store that sells tickets for such events as conferences, theatre shows, concerts and seminars, this extension will greatly enhance the experience of your site visitors and help you provide exactly what your customers want.


The ticket extension allows you to divide your tickets in to any number of classes. For example you might want different classes for adults and children. You might want to add a VIP class of ticket, and tickets that are available with different levels of concession. For each ticket class you assign a price and quantity.


As you know, tickets for events are often sold way in advance of the event itself. There is always the possibility that someone may have purchased a ticket for an event and then quite simply forgets all about it and misses the event. The ticket extension allows you to send reminder notifications to your customers. Quite simply, that is just good customer service.


Another factor that should be taken into account with events that are schedule someway in the future is that things can change. You don’t have a crystal ball. What you do have, though, is a system that allows you to notify your customers of any changes that occur. Once again, that is simply an act of good customer service.

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