Ultimate Brainteaser Apps

Ultimate Brainteaser Apps

Game apps are a fantastic way to stay entertained and many of them also offer a fun way to tickle your brain. Stacked with head-scratching puzzles and questions that push a user’s problem-solving skills to the max, here are just some of the best brainteaser app titles on the market right now.

Stupidness 2


This quirky little game tests your IQ with a series of unique visual puzzles. It’s guaranteed to get your grey matter fired up, with funny and unexpected solutions and answers. The progress bar will drain the longer it takes you to answer a question, while the IQ bar will chart how well you are doing. Hint points are also available should you ever find yourself stuck.

Clockwork Brain

clock work

Many of us love sitting down to a good Sudoku puzzle and scribbling away. The Clockwork Brain app has changed up the game and delivered a brand new challenge to your fingertips. Players will be presented with a series of mini games, each with a time limit. You’ll need a good memory, a strong eye for problem-solving and a logical mind to succeed.

Rugby Logo Quiz


The freebets logo quiz is the ideal brainteaser game for sport enthusiasts. With a range of logos from both League and Union teams, your rugby know-how will be put to the test. See how many you can identify, and try to beat your own personal best. Updates are also expected soon, including a timer, share button and the addition of lower league teams.

The Room Pocket


This first-person POV app not only boasts beautiful visuals, but frustratingly difficult challenges as well. The mobile version of the British Game BAFTA winner, the Room will channel your inner safecracker as you attempt to open a series of boxes in order to advance to the next level. Swipe, tap and zoom your way around the room as you try to break the code.

Knowledge Trainer


Knowledge Trainer is a simple and straightforward game, filled with multiple-choice questions to test you on a variety of different subjects. Topics include history, sports, science, art, films and more, getting progressively harder the better you play. You can even view all your player statistics to find out which are your best subjects, and which ones you need to brush up on a little more.


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