What Is A Touch Screen Kiosk And How Can Your Business Use One?

What Is A Touch Screen Kiosk And How Can Your Business Use One?

When touch screen kiosk technology first appeared, it may have seemed like something from Disney’s Tomorrow Land. In fact, Disney was one of the earliest companies to take advantage of the technology to increase its ability to interact with and serve its theme park customers and generate more sales. 

Touch Screen Kiosk Since those early days of experimentation, use of the technology has grown exponentially as more and more businesses are finding ever more uses for touch screen kiosks. At the bottom, touch screen kiosk technology allows companies to put their message before the public in ways that can expand their reach beyond what the normal person-to-person, during business hours, operation can achieve.

Businesses are Expanding their Reach with Touch Screen Kiosks

Consider some of the ways that businesses are finding to use the current level of touch screen kiosk technology:

  • Always available – Many companies are installing touch screens just outside their places of business to make information available, make sales, or take reservations at all hours of the day or night.
  • Drive-thru – Gone are the days when customers have to try to understand the scratchy and intermittent sound from employees trying to take orders via intercom. Now customers can place their order and even swipe charge cards for payment at touch screen kiosks.
  • Coupons – Upon entering the store, customers can check for coupon specials or scan their membership card and select coupons displayed that are based on their buying history. They can also use automated tellers with touch screens at check out.
  • Where? – Colleges, theme parks, zoos, municipalities, and shopping malls use the technology to help direct visitors to points of interest, explain specials available at certain stores, or direct them to the nearest parking places.
  • Applications – Potential employees with crummy handwriting can use the touch screen kiosks some companies are using to streamline the application process. They can also use them for applications for employee benefits and other necessary forms. 

In general, businesses can save time and money by using touch screen kiosk technology that is easily updated for accuracy and easily customized to fit the business operation. Kiosks can save the need for keeping an employee on duty during slow periods or open new check out lanes during the busiest hours. Kiosks, after all, don’t get a paycheck.

At the same time, touch screens can be used in conjunction with live workers, filling orders or performing check out duties as the employee answers questions or otherwise helps the customer.

The kiosk can be those added hands or an all night sentinel, available whenever a customer wants help. By installing even a simple iPad that is built into a case, a business can expand its reach and interact with clients well beyond normal working hours. It can encounter potential buyers in areas and at times that were not possible before the technology became so widely available. It can be a money maker with new points of sale as well as a money saver in labor costs.

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