Where are the World’s Most High-Tech Cities?

Where are the World’s Most High-Tech Cities?

While it’s easy to lose yourself in the digital realm, cities in the modern area are quickly becoming augmented by technology. Many are now hives of digital activity and business growth as their populations fully embrace and utilize the latest in electronic devices.

Which of those cities deserve your attention, though? We’ve done some research into the most exciting cities in which you and your Lenovo laptop would feel right at home. These sprawling metropolises signal the future of city living, so take a look and see what to expect from your home (or find a new one).


The most technologically advanced city in the most technologically advanced country in the world, the residents of which have been using mobile phones longer than many of us even known about them. With Japan itself being home to huge names in the electronic entertainment industry such as Nintendo and Sony and a leader in the field of robotics, it all comes to a head in Tokyo, where you can buy any tech imaginable in the Akibahara district, travel on high-speed public transport and enjoy the future of technology before anyone else.


The capital of South Korea and home to tech experts LG, the city is one of the most connected cities in the world; Wi-Fi access is freely available on both buses and subway lines. Even better, a recent article on Mashable tells us that their connection speeds are 65% faster compared to the average US household, with plans of making it faster and installed in more homes. Technology has even seeped into their sports – the city is home to the largest E-sports community, boasting competitors with huge sponsorships deals who win even bigger amounts of prize money for playing video games.

San Francisco

You can’t mention high-tech cities without mention the one at the heart of Silicon Valley. San Francisco is home to a huge amount of businesses in the field of computers and the Internet, with Google, Apple and Hewlett-Packard blossoming from the area before going onto bigger things. With all these businesses it’s also has a large amount of jobs in the high-tech sector with around 88,000 being computer-based occupations last year. This, combined with a high number of patents being filed (3.6 per 1000 people) mean that if you’ve got a business idea and want to break into the world of technology, there’s only one place to go.


A surprising entry, but the biggest city in sleepy Finland has some surprises up its sleeve. The country is home to cellphone giants Nokia and the city itself has its own university of technology, but if this doesn’t convince you of their tech credentials, 79% of the population of Helsinki have internet access – only one percent behind the entire United States. With unprecedented access to online resources in schools and libraries in a country that is one of the leaders in population happiness, Helsinki is a city that wishes to teach and inspire the future creators of the digital world.

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