Where is content marketing headed in 2014?

Where is content marketing headed in 2014?

Content marketing rapidly became one of the most popular and powerful advertising investments among companies in 2013, and this trend only continues to intensify in the beginning of the new year. In terms of starting conversations, sustaining thought leadership and driving brand recognition, few other types of advertising can compete with content marketing


Businesses will certainly need to remember that content marketing has always been, and will always be, just one piece of the online advertising puzzle. However, in 2014, the real winners in this arena will be making significant changes to their blogging strategies and all other aspects of content creation, especially the ways in which the programs fit into the overall advertising plan.

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Many companies learned the hard way last year and in 2012 that repetitive and stagnant writing styles or topic coverage is the clearest and most present danger in content marketing. This fact will remain, while several other trends are expected to surface and build in the coming months.

Here are a few predictions for the content marketing game in 2014:

  • Video gains traction: Content marketing is no long just a matter of writing and publishing articles, blogs or whitepapers. Instead, video has become one of the more powerful aspects of content creation. In 2014, look for businesses to become more aggressive in their pursuits of integrated video and written content.
  • Importance of timeliness: With the passing of each year, a greater number of news consumers turn away from traditional newspapers and magazines and begin to look toward digital content for a morning coffee accompaniment. This means that content marketers will need to prioritize timeliness. Articles on news that happened even a few days ago will not be nearly as likely to drive attention and engagement as real-time information.
  • Attention spans contract: One of the most important trends that has emerged over the past several years is the decreasing amount of time bloggers have to capture the reader’s attention. Businesses must remain vigilant with respect to brief, concise and information-rich content. Fluff, in many respects, will be a major threat in 2014.
  • Still about leadership: Thought leadership is one of the most commonly cited priorities and goals of content marketers, and this will continue to be the case in 2014. However, as more businesses and other organizations enter the game, those that take the most unique and informed approaches to content creation will end up on top.
  • Targeting emerges in content: In the past, content marketing strategies have been relatively loose and broad in terms of the subject matter covered and the audiences being spoken to. This will not continue in 2014. Rather, businesses will need to ensure that they are getting far more specific in their targeting practices, especially in terms of audience, to carve out a niche and solidify their position.

A new year is an exceptional reason to completely refine corporate strategies. Business leaders, especially those involved in marketing, sales and retention, should take this opportunity to adjust content advertising strategies to the novel trends which are expected to emerge in the coming months.


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