Why e-recycling is important

Why e-recycling is important

imagesRecycling is one of the apt options for one to do their bit for the world in which we live. Recycling is important not just for the environment, but for humans as well. Sadly, many of us fail to realise this. If we do not act fast on this, then we might be creating twice the waste in future than we are creating currently.

The amount of waste we create is constantly increasing because:

  • Increasing richness is proportional to buying more products rapidly and discarding them too, very soon. Sometimes even before their shelf life is over. Thus, creating more waste.
  • Populations also contributes to creating waste. As the population rises, the waste created follow it.
  • Not all new technology might be that great, because many a times they contain materials that are not biodegradable.
  • New lifestyle changes, such as eating fast food, means that we create additional waste that isn’t biodegradable.

Let’s look at the Environmental Importance aspect of recycling. Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released factories and plants. Recycling helps to reuse the products and reduce wastage created by new developments. Additionally, it is cost effective too. Habitat destruction and global warming are a result of deforestation. Raw materials use a lot of energy while its creation. Recycling reduces the need for new raw material for more production so that the rainforests can be preserved. Recycling requires much less energy and therefore helps to preserve natural resources.

Recycling is essential to cities worldwide and for the people as well. People create so much waste that there is not enough space to dump this waste as well. In this case, recycling is the best solution. Making products from raw materials costs much more. Using recycled products helps save money and time both. Additionally, the energy used for production of new products is also reduced considerably, when people start reusing. Preserving natural resources for future generations is the duty of every individual today. One of the most common things to recycle is a cell phone. There is a large audience that uses cars for their commute. If some of them quit commuting on their cars and take public transport instead for shorter distance, they will be saving a lot of energy. Similarly, computer and laptop users need to take the onus of bringing about a change. Instead of selling your old computer, one can instead donate it, so that new buyers are reduced. Computer recycling in St. Louis is a fine example of how the people of this city contribute greatly to the environment. There are several companies which deal in used computers and used cars dealership. Computer recycling in St. Louis makes it possible to save a lot of energy!

There are billions of mobile users around the world. If even half of this crowd starts recycling cell phones, it would be a great contribution. A cell phone’s shelf life is only about 24 months for the average consumer. To serve this changing need of the consumers, mobile manufacturers launch newer models in as less as 4 months. The speed of this development is increasing day by day. This is as a result of the rapid progression of technology in the mobile industry. Cell phones usually contain metals and plastics that can be recycled to save energy and resources. The coatings of these cell phones are made of lead, which is a toxic chemical. It can result in adverse health effects when exposed to high levels. This is why it is important to recycle old cell phones and source these increasingly scarce materials whenever possible.

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Brinda Mac is a conservationist. She advocates eco friendly ideas and innovative ways to go green. She writes extensively on her blog and shares exceptionally great ideas which are cost effective, easy to use and help one go green. She currently promotes cell phones and computer recycling in St. Louis.

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